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We know that coming to church for the first time can be quite intimidating. Even for a seasoned church-goer, a new church throws up all sorts of questions. Well, here we try to answer them and, above all, to tell you that you will be welcome here!

Before the service

When are the services?
Sunday services are at 11am and 6pm.
Can I just walk in?
Yes! Anyone is welcome.
Can I bring the kids?
Yes! Children are very welcome. They can join in the first part of the service and leave after the second hymn to go through to Sunday School, or they can stay with you in church. During term-time we have activities just for them in the back hall.
I use a wheelchair - can I get in?
Our buildings have step-free access throughout, and there is an accessible toilet with a baby-changing facility.
What should I wear?
There is no dress code.
How long will the service be?
It depends what kind of service it is. Usually around an hour. 'All age' services, where the children stay in church, can be a little shorter.
Can I leave if I want to?
Obviously we hope you will want to stay - but of course you may get up and leave at any point if you wish.
Do I need to bring anything?
No. However we do take a collection during the service and it is up to you if you wish to join in.
I don't know if I'm a Christian - does that matter?
No - all are welcome, whatever stage you are at in your thoughts about Christianity.

Come inside

What happens when I walk in?
You will be greeted with a smile and a welcoming "Hello" from the Minister and Deacons, and given an Order of Service sheet and hymn book.
Where do I sit?
Pretty much anywhere you like. No one has reserved seats.
Will anyone speak to me?
Hopefully yes! We do try and give a friendly welcome to anyone new - but it helps us if you let us know it's your first time. If you wish you can fill in one of the Welcome cards found on the pew-ends.

The service

How do I know when to stand up and sit down?
You will only need to stand, if you are able, for the hymn singing.
And how do I know when we are supposed to say something aloud?
It is usual for us to repeat the Lord's Prayer whilst the children are still with us. It is your choice whether you join in.
What if I don't know the hymns?
Don't worry - we have a wide range of hymns and no one can know them all. Try and join in as it goes along. No one will mind if you don't sing.
Who is the Minister?
The Minister is the Rev James McMillan.
Does it matter if the baby makes a noise?
Not at all - we know babies make noises and we love to have them in church. If you need to stand up with your baby or take them outside to calm them, again that's fine.
Can my kids join in?
Yes. During term-time they may go through to Sunday School after the second hymn, but children are welcome to stay sitting with you during the service if you prefer.
Will the sermon be long and boring?
No! Sermons are about 15 minutes, based on the Bible reading for the day, and would include day-to-day issues.
Why are some people ignoring the collection bag?
Regulars may be giving in other ways and so do not put money in the bag each week.
How do I know the service has ended?
The Minister will give a benediction followed by the three-fold 'Amen', and will then walk down the aisle towards the door. People will sit down, and sometimes will spend a few moments in a quiet prayer before getting up to leave. Some will go home but most go through to the back hall for refreshments.

After the service

Should I go through to the back hall for coffee?
Yes please do. Come and have a coffee/tea - and let us know you are new to Peterhead Congi. We try very hard to make sure all are welcome, so you won't be left standing on your own!
What should I do with the Order of Service?
Take it home, the notices and forthcoming events might be useful etc. We create new sheets for each service so we don't need them back.
I'd like to come regularly - should I tell someone?
It's always good for us to know if someone is new, and especially if they feel they would like to come regularly. You may choose to fill in a Welcome Card or just let one of the Deacons or James know. You can also just keep coming along if you prefer - we'll notice!

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